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Living at Camp

I’ve been here at Covecrest for a week and I loved it since the moment I stepped off the plane. On our first full day, we went on a 9 mile hike up a mountain for backpacking trip.  When we arrived at the campsite, we celebrated mass next to a campfire and under the stars. That night the Lord showed me amazing beauty, the Eucharist looked as if enchanted with a magnificent glowing.

A few days later, we helped with our first two weekend retreats, and they literally blew me away – just to see the faces of all those teens and to be a part of the transformations happening in their hearts. I gave a talk on how we came to be missionaries. I was inspired by the looks that the teens gave me as I spoke and I was the one giving a talk to inspire them.

Thanks for reading… many more to come.

Please keep me in your prayers.

God bless all,


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