I recently made an incredible discovery… I am called to be a missionary! Perhaps right now you are thinking, “Uh… duh, Angela. You are a missionary. I could have told you that!” But hear me out.
I was skimming through my Bible and landed on Isaiah 42:6-7 which reads,

“I am the Lord, I have called you in righteousness,
I have taken you by the hand and kept you;
I have given you as a covenant to the people,
a light to the nations,
to open the eyes that are blind,
to bring out prisoners from the dungeon,
from the prison those who sit in darkness.”

I first skimmed over this, ready to continue on, but something made me stop and read it again. I realized that this verse is empowering, and it’s addressed to me!
God says, “I have called you…” Right there. That alone should be enough – called! And yet He keeps going, “I have taken you by the hand and kept you.” Before my God ever asked anything of me He first took my hand and made me His own. He kept me. Kept me in His arms, kept me safe.
“I have given you…” He called me, took me and made me His own – His own daughter – and then He gave me away. Who does that? Who takes something so precious to themselves and gives it away? Only someone who’s love surpasses their selfishness. When you give something, it becomes a gift. I am a gift. A gift to the people. A gift to others. I am no longer my own. He gave me as a “covenant” ( that means promise),  as a “light.” He gave me to the blind, to the prisoners. Last I checked, I don’t have a PhD in medicine, I’m no doctor nor do I work for the judicial system. I have never performed any miracles of restoring sight, not have I ever broken someone out of prison. So what does this all mean?

Sin is a type of prison. It binds us. It draws us away from our God who loves us. Now, I don’t have the power to forgive sins – only a priest can do that – but I do have the power to shed some light into the darkness of a person’s life, as others have and still do for me every day.
It’s really easy for me to think that God was just crazy to make me a missionary, or that He just decided to use me because I was around and willing. This verse made me realize that He didn’t decide to call me here because He just felt like it or because He can use whatever imperfect instrument He wants to spread His Word and I just happened to be the first person on hand, but because He created me for this very purpose!
And He created you the same! It’s easy to brush off God’s personal, individual love for us when we hear things like, “Jesus loves you” and “You’re special” so much that it doesn’t even mean anything to us after a while.  In Isaiah 43:1 it says that the Lord redeemed us. In redeeming us He took away anything and everything that we might use as an excuse not to serve Him. “I’m not good enough” is not a good enough excuse.

The Lord has called you and continues to call you every day.  How are you going to answer?

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My name is Angela Hill and I am a second year Life Teen missionary. I am originally from Massachusetts, though I currently live in Atlanta, GA. Some of my favorite things include photography, reading, singing, and going to the ocean. I love hanging out with teens and I'm excited for all the ways God is going to use me in His mission this year! If you would like to contact me, ask me questions, or just keep in touch I encourage you to email me at [email protected]!