Missionary Perfection?

In the movie Remember the Titans, A group of young men were called to perfection by their coach. The same thing is asked of us today. Although we might not have to run a mile if we aren’t perfect, our reality is much more serious. If we do not become perfect, we might lose our chance at gaining eternal life.

My definition of perfection has changed over the years. When I was a kid in school, perfect for me was not missing a day of school or getting 100% on my spelling or math test. Sure, those things mattered, but that’s not the perfection Christ is looking for.

In high school, my idea of perfection changed. Perfect was being popular. It was being liked by everyone. It meant being invited to all the parties. It meant being the guy every other guy wanted to be. It meant nights of total frustration and days of lying to others and to myself.

Perfection again changed meanings in college. I still wanted to be liked, but instead of a girlfriend, I wanted to get married. I wanted to finish school so I could have a great job, a house, car, wife, and kids. Those things in and of themselves aren’t bad. God can work in them. He can make these things perfect.

After being a full time missionary for almost a year now, my idea of perfection has changed yet again. Through what I have learned here at Covecrest in formation and especially through my experiences, I have come to the realization that a missionary reaches perfection when that missionary sees a situation and can find God in it. Every good becomes great. All failures become a lesson to learn. All faults become an opportunity to grow. When everything becomes a gift, perfection isn’t something that just happens. Perfection is a daily sacrifice. I once saw on a tattoo that we are only “perfect in our imperfections.” When we embrace that and realize we need help, God can then work in our hearts and make us perfect.

What’s crazy is that as soon we were baptized, we were called to be missionary. As soon as that missionary call is heard, we have to try for perfection. It has taken me 24 years of being in this world to realize perfect isn’t about perfection. Having God in you is perfection, and you don’t have to run a mile to get there. How does God want to work in you to make you more perfect today?

About the Author

I was born and raised in Southern California and went to school to be a machinist. God had different plans to make me a missionary. I'm still learning and growing in my faith and love for Christ. Summer Camp was what brought me to Life Teen Missions. I love quoting movies and music. P.S. I like you...