God? Who?

While helping with a bonfire, I was asked a pretty deep question. Usually when faced with something so deep, I change the subject as fast as the question was asked. That night I couldn’t. That night I was put on the spot. I had to answer. That night I had to rise up and answer the way a missionary of the Catholic Church would answer. That night I called upon the Holy Spirit to give me the words to answer. All the formation, all the time I spent learning, serving, praying was preparing me for this one question: “Who is God?” I opened my mouth and in three words strengthened my passion for Christ and my faith. Three words each one syllable long, “I don’t know.”

All that set up for a stinking, “I don’t know.” The beauty of writing is that I can clearly say what I need to say. Speaking and gathering my thoughts quickly is not my forte. It is pretty difficult for me. So when someone asks me a question like, “Who is God?” I need time to think. I went home that night shaken. I walked back to my room questioning. I spent a few hours that night reflecting, treeing to come up with an answer. Not just for that person at the bonfire, but also for me. The next morning going into holy hour, sitting in front of the Holy Eucharist, my answer became clear.

Now, I’m not a theologian. I studied manufacturing in college, but this is what I came up with: God is a mystery. God is everything that is good in this world. God the Father is my father. He is my creator. He is my friend, my family. God’s presence can be felt by way of the Holy Spirit. God’s invisible hand is gently showing me the way, letting me make mistakes, but always showing me the path to Him. God showers us with gifts every day in the form of graces. He constantly challenges us to grow as much as we need to. If you’re saying to me, “Danley, I can’t see God,” just look at the people around you. He is in each one of them. God talks to you through them. Need even more proof? Go to any Catholic Church. There is a crucifix. On it is Jesus Christ, the Son of God, part of the Trinity. The only person in our history to die for our salvation, without any other motive but to save our souls. Need more proof? In that same Church you will find His very body in a tabernacle. There are plenty of stories of bread and wine actually turning into flesh and blood.

This list isn’t the end all be all for the question, “Who is God?” It isn’t the most comprehensive list either. All I know is that in my heart God is real. He is here. In end that really is all that matters.

The next time someone challenges you in your faith, embrace that challenge. Look at it as an opportunity to grow and to dive deeper into your faith and your relationship with God. Take a minute today to ask yourself who God is in your life and to remember what He has done for you.

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