Victim or Victor?

Happy Easter, or as we would say it in Dutch: Zalig Pasen!

I was in Colorado this Easter and went to mass in a town called Breckenridge. The priest had an awesome homily! He talked about being a victim or a victor in life.

As a victor, you claim your own life. You do what God asks you to do, you choose to be happy during the day. You rose with Christ: you claim victory for everything you have overcome with Christ.

As a victim, all the bad stuff happens to you, people mistreat you, and you let the things that happen during the day control your mood.

Hearing this, I thought, “Shoot, I am acting like I am a victim.” I do think bad stuff happens to me, and yes, my mood changes when someone is not nice to me. I decided that day that I wanted to be a victor. This does not mean that I ignore the not-so-good stuff that has happened in my life. It did happen. But, now I claim the victory that I overcame it, I dealt with it, and God healed me in a lot of ways. I realized that the only one who was suffering from being a victim was me. I decided to try to claim victory for everything God already healed and changed in my life. I decided that nothing was going to “steal” my joy!

As everything you are trying to change, it sometimes is hard, and I failed. My reaction as a victim would have been, “Never mind, this is not going to work,” but now I am choosing to be a victor, and I am saying, “I can do this. I am probably going to fail again, but I am just going to keep trying until it works!” Like I wrote in my other blog, “I win!” I am choosing to win now and be a victor in life, instead of a victim who just lets everything happen.

So now you have a decision to make, are you going to be a victim or a victor? I would like to hear your answer!

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my name is Willeke, I am 20 years old and i am originally from the Netherlands. I love doing gymnastics and singing. i went to a life teen parish in the Netherlands for 5 years, and started college before God destroyed my life and called me to life teen missions. I can not imagine doing something different now! i absolutly love it. I love to journey with teens and leet them closer to Christ!