Paul and Anna Albert

Beaten and Tortured

I don’t know about you, but if I saw a billboard with the words “beaten and tortured” with someone’s picture on it would make my heart ache. I’d feel so bad for that person. Recently, I saw a billboard that said that . . . but it was referring to Jesus. I immediately thought that I would’ve felt worse if it wasn’t about Jesus. I felt awful for thinking that.

The fact that Jesus willingly suffered and died so that we may inherit eternal life is something we reflect on often, but it seems like we’ve become somewhat desensitized to it. Jesus’ death should make us feel something. Maybe thinking about His sacrifice has never made you cry, and that’s okay. I think it has brought tears to my eyes a few times and watching The Passion of the Christ is hard for me, but I want Jesus’ crucifixion to invoke more emotion in me on a regular basis than it usually does.

From now on, when I hear about Jesus’ death, whether it’s someone talking about it, during mass, or while reading scripture, I want to pause and really reflect on what that means for me. I want to take it more seriously, to be moved with pity for those who took part in crucifying Jesus, and to realize how much I am loved. Jesus would have done what He did if you and I were the only people on earth. He even did it for those who killed Him!

We don’t have to be depressed about Jesus’ death. After all, He rose from the dead and we can now celebrate His victory over death, especially in this season of Easter. But, it should make us more grateful and more inspired to love others as Jesus sacrificially loves us.

Personally, I’m trying to get closer to the Lord in my everyday sufferings, knowing that He understands how I feel better than anyone else. I’m going to try to be more encouraged when I struggle, especially when I suffer for Him and when I feel alone in that, by remembering that Jesus died for my sins so that I may go to Heaven. There is victory in the cross, and there will be victory in my little crosses – all because Jesus was “beaten and tortured.”

– Anna

Paul and Anna Albert

About the Author

We have been married 2 years and have a one year old son, Nathaniel. We're from Massachusetts, where we met at a Life Teen parish in 2010. We pretty much have nothing in common except the fact that we are both crazy about Christ and His Church, oh and we both aspired to be rappers at one point in our lives.