“I Know!”

Some teens think they know everything…. I used to be that way. Ask my mom. :) As I have gotten older, I realize how right my mom is. I should have never argued.

My Mom and I

When I became a missionary, I began to question God the same way I did with my mom in high school. It was a losing battle between my will and God’s, reality sunk in, and my eyes were opened… God is always right! I should just surrender. I am small: only a tiny dot on a satellite map. In the span of eternity, I am a speck of sand who is loved immensely by an infinitely grand God.

It’s impossible for me to know everything; only God knows everything. So, I should probably stop saying, “I know,” because the reality is, I know very little. I only come to know what God has revealed to us. He has told us where we come from and where we are going. Those simple truths give us power.

Knowing that I am small and don’t know everything is only a weakness if I don’t turn to God. Knowing that I cannot do it on my own makes being small not weakness but rather a strength! In being small, I know I have to rely on God.

Knowing Christ gives us power! Christ passed on His power to the Apostles and then to us through Baptism. We have power to love, to preach repentance, to believe, to heal, and to forgive. Being small doesn’t hold us back – it enables us to be drawn into the vastness and the greatness of God. The power one small person has to change the course of history should not be underestimated! Think about it – if that one person hadn’t told you about Jesus – would you be standing in freedom today?

Imagine what God could do with one soul who surrenders to God. Mother Teresa surrendered – see what God did with her life? How many lives were transformed by the little old woman? She knew she was small, and she just let God be big.

Don’t let little things hold you back from the reality that you could impact someone’s life for eternity. Accept that you don’t know everything, that you are small… Then you will have power. You will have the power of Christ and His message of salvation, freedom, and peace. By surrendering to Christ, you could alter someone else’s eternity and change the course of history!

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About the Author

Originally from Kirkland, WA - my life was radically transformed when I started attending Life Teen Mass in 6th grade. Through the ups and downs of high school, broken family life and relationships - God never abandoned me although I kept denying His love. Learning that God's plan always wins over mine, I decided to follow His call to become a missionary. Now that I am a Life Teen missionary, it's still not easy and I have to choose God everyday. Knowing the freedom, peace, and joy that comes with accepting God's incredible love, my heart overflows with passion to share the grace of Christ with everyone I meet!