Prayer Works!

After being in full time missions for almost 2 years and living at a camp where I see God do amazing things all the time, I sometimes still forget about the power of prayer.  Every week, we pray for the teens who will be coming to Covecrest on retreat that weekend.  Every weekend, teens arrive at Covecrest with their youth group and I am blessed to see amazing growth and conversions in teens through the sacraments, adoration, relational ministry and even through conversations during meal times. Too easily, I become complacent and forget the need to continue praying unceasingly because the Lord works miracles every weekend here at Covecrest.

Actually, an experience away from Covecrest rekindled in me the power of prayer.  For about two years, I have been praying with and for a friend in Baltimore for a solid, Catholic young adult community centered around the Blessed Sacrament. Last year, he started, with the help of Dominicans, a monthly adoration night that includes fellowship afterwards. It started off really slowly and was a struggle for him and his fiancée because they desired so much for it to grow. He had asked me, and many others, to pray for the ministry.  We prayed with expectation  and trust.

In January, I went with some of the other missionaries to their night of adoration in Baltimore and I had the blessing of speaking at the event prior to adoration. One of the missionaries asked how many people usually come and they said between 20 and 70, you just never know how many will show each month. The best turn out they ever had was 70, and that was the previous month. When I started speaking, a good number of people were there: probably around 30 or so, and as I was speaking more were coming in. By the end of the night after adoration, there had to be close to 70 people in the church. It was amazing! The Lord had really moved in the hearts of the young people that night. Through this experience and being reminded of all the prayer that went into the event, the Lord reminded me about the power of prayer and that it works.

Thank you to all of you who are praying for me and the other missionaries. Know that your prayers are working. The Lord is truly moving greatly within our hearts!



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Stephen grew up around the world because his father was in the Air Force, but he calls Tampa home now. He currently lives in Tiger, GA and is in his third year with Life Teen missions. He loves Jesus, the beach, chinese food, soccer, traveling, and dancing. He is always up for a good dance party. Feel free to contact him at [email protected]