God’s Schedule, Not Ours

There are two things that have been running through my mind lately during holy hour. Usually when things keep re-popping up in my little mind, it’s a sign that God is trying (and re-trying) to tell me something. One of the things is, “Girl, would you please¬†work on your German?!” That one is fairly self-explanatory since we are heading to Germany, and my German is a little rusty.

The other thing, however, keeps unfolding. In Matthew 26:39, Jesus says, “Not what I want, but what You want,” in the Garden of Gethsemane. This expands a little to me to include time. Not what I want, when I want it, but what You want, in Your time. God may want the same thing to happen that I want, just not as immediately as I want.

I’ve been reading about St. Louis de Montfort lately: great guy, passionate about God, Mary, and Jesus. He really wanted to bring souls to Jesus through Mary. His book, True Devotion to Mary, has had a profound effect on many Catholics, including several popes. John Paul II said that his reading of True Devotion was a “decisive turning point” in his life. But St. Louis wasn’t read for decades¬†after his death. God wanted the world to benefit from St. Louis’ teachings, but in the time that God knew it was the right time. Poor St. Louis died long before the fruits of his labor fully blossomed.

I think God is trying to remind me that a long decade to me is a snap of the fingers to Him who can see so much further down the road than I can. I need to listen to God, so He can show me what He wants me to do…and when. Is this easy for me? Are you kidding?? As I frequently remind God, waiting drives me up the wall – and He chuckles, pats me on the head, and tells me to learn some patience and trust in Him.

Trust in God IS just what it comes down to. Trust that He has a plan for me and my mission. Trust that He has me on his iCal or DayRunner – and that He will tell me what His schedule is, if I just turn my life and time over to Him on a daily basis.

God, today please help me to stay on your schedule rather than my own. You ARE awesome, and You DO have awesome plans for me.

- Ginny Taylor

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