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It seems so long ago, but I am going to write about my Christmas break. I was able to go home for two weeks, back to the Netherlands. I was excited to see all my friends and family again, but I also did not want to go because I had to leave Covecrest which is my also my home with family. It can be easy here at Covecrest to do a holy hour in the morning and to follow our rhythm of prayer, and I knew that I had to do this on my own at home. At least that is what I thought it would be, but my mom went to church with me every time I wanted to go. That was awesome!

When I was home, I went to drink coffee with someone I have known for a very long time and who knows me very well. He told me that because of the decision I made and my strong faith in God, and also through the blogs I wrote, he made the decision to go back to church. He is now going to church every week! Here at Covecrest, you hear a lot of glory stories about people really experiencing God in their lives and going back to church, but I never thought that I could make a difference back at home by coming to Covecrest.

God was also putting it on my heart to speak at my church back at home. I contacted my hometown priest, and we decided I would talk at church on New Year’s. Normally I am very nervous talking in front of big groups, but this time I wasn’t! It was good to prepare everything I was going to say and to look back at the time I have already had at Covecrest. God really made me see all the good changes I have already made. I talked at my church, and people came to me saying that I gave them back hope for the church in the Netherlands and that they had prayed for me every Thursday, which I also did for them.

Through all of this, God really showed that I can make a difference. It doesn’t have to be by doing big things. It can also be by doing small things. Even when I am far away from home – I don’t know how many miles away (because we have kilometers) – I can still make a difference in people lives. I challenge you to be open about your faith, tell people why you believe, and give your testimony! You never know how God will work through your own story!

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my name is Willeke, I am 20 years old and i am originally from the Netherlands. I love doing gymnastics and singing. i went to a life teen parish in the Netherlands for 5 years, and started college before God destroyed my life and called me to life teen missions. I can not imagine doing something different now! i absolutly love it. I love to journey with teens and leet them closer to Christ!