Narnia: Lessons from Lucy

This weekend, we watched The Chronicles of Narnia:  Prince Caspian.  Soon after Peter, Susan, Edmond, and Lucy find themselves in Narnia, they are standing on the edge of a deep ravine with a rushing river hundreds of feet below.    They need to cross the river and the bridge that was there hundreds of years ago when they first became Kings and Queens of Narnia, was no longer there.  Peter and the others relied on themselves to figure out a way to cross the chasm.  Little Lucy, glanced across the chasm and saw Aslan.  No one else saw Aslan and they did not really believe that she saw him either.  Peter was disappointed that he did not see Aslan.  “Why did I not see him?” The reason is very simple.  Lucy believed.  Peter did not believe.  Lucy trusted in Aslan.  Peter trusted in Peter.  While Peter was relying on Peter for his strength and courage, Lucy relied on Alsan (God) for her strength and courage.  I am so much like Peter; I wish I was more like Lucy.

I woke up the next morning and read the mass readings of the day.  The psalm came from Isaiah 12:

God indeed is my savior; I am confident and unafraid.
My strength and my courage is the Lord and He has been my savior. 

 The Chronicles of Narnia are allegory and Alsan represents God.  Lucy lived this scripture.  Peter (and all too often myself) did not.
As I reflected on this lesson from Lucy, I realized that Michelle, my wife, has this “Lucy” grace in her spiritual relationship with God.  I always wondered and sometimes got a little jealous how she had such a spiritual connection with God.  Now I know why.  Michelle believes.  She believes that she can see and hear God just like Lucy believed that she could see and hear Alsan and so she does.  When I don’t see and hear God, it is mainly because I don’t believe that I will see and hear God.  I want to believe it but I don’t really believe it in my heart.  What is crazy is that, in the physical world, I believe that I can do anything.  Give me a physical challenge and I can conquer it.  Why?  Because I believe I can.  It was ingrained in me, “You can do anything if you put your mind to it”; in other words, “If you believe you can do it.”  This is all making sense now.
What is the lesson?  I can see and hear God…if I believe.  Today, I choose to believe.  I believe that I can see and hear God.  I believe that I see Him in this lesson; that I saw Him and heard Him speak to me through Lucy and Peter in the movie.  I believe that I saw and heard Him through Michelle’s belief in Him.  I can see and hear God.  Thanks Lucy.  Thanks Michelle.
I pray that you can learn this lesson from Lucy as well.  Here’s some homework:  watch Prince Caspian and learn from Lucy.  She believes.  Do you believe?



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