Haiti: Praying from the Heart

We, the Covecrest missionaries had the opportunity to do a foreign mission in Haiti from Dec. 5th to Dec. 12th. We stayed at an orphanage called Kay Mari Manman Tout Timoun(Home of Mary, Mother of All Children). During our time there, we led a youth night on dignity and chastity for the village of Dandann.  We completed work projects that consisted of leveling their play yard and filling in the foundation for the village chapel that is under construction.  We visited poor families and we brought them basic food supplies, spent time with them and prayed with them.

Mainly due to lack of funds, these rural communities have mass in their village maybe twice a year.  Can you imagine not even being able to go to mass even on Christmas and Easter?  So, this village is trying to raise enough money to build a house and support a priest to live in their village to provide that region with Sacraments. Even though the community lacks the availability of the Sacraments, their love and desire for Christ’s love is unbelievable.

The rhythm of prayer at the Orphanage is astonishing.  They begin and end their day as a community in prayer.  The children are up, dressed and praying the rosary by 5:30 AM.  They also gather every evening for praise and worship, thanksgiving and intercession. Their rhythm of prayer is similar to the rhythm of prayer we have at Covecrest. The beauty is that these prayers are not just rattling off memorized prayers, rather they are prayers that come from the depths of their hearts.  No matter what happens during their time of worship, they continue to pray through distraction. One morning we were praying the rosary in Creole and the power went out.  It was really dark but the kids did not scream or panic; they continued to pray as if nothing happened.

How many times have we got distracted from our prayer? Do we realize what we are truly saying in our prayer? Is our prayer so routine that we automatically just say the prayer without really praying the prayer? Are we asking Mother Mary to intercede for us? Witnessing the Haitian community in prayer encourages me to focus on my prayer and not be distracted by anything in this world. I invite you to join me on this journey to pray from the heart in the midst of distraction. I ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to intercede for us and to pray with us!


Hail Mary in Creole

Mari se pou kontan.
Ou menm ki plen favè
Granmèt la avèk ou
Li beni ou pase tout fi
E li beni Jezi pitit ou fè a.

Mari ou sen
Ou se manman Bondye
nou se pechè
Lapriyè pou nou jodiya
Ak lè nou prèt pou nou mouri


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Vince was born and raise in California. He is currently a first year missionary for Life Teen at Covecrest. He recently graduated in June 2011 from University of California, Irvine (UCI) with a BA degree in Public Health Policy. By baptism, God called all his children to become holy. So, he strive to become a holy man of God and does his best to lead anyone he encounter closer to Christ. He likes to play guitar and use this talent to praise God. He enjoy playing basketball, volleyball, dancing, and hanging out with family and friends. He is passionate about the Eucharist and honor the Blessed Virgin Mary. If you would like to contact him, you can reach him by emailing him at [email protected] You can also follow him on Twitter- @LT_VinceD.