The Giant Present From God

By: Chuck Taylor

During Jesus’s life here on earth, the center of the Jewish faith was the temple in Jerusalem. The temple was on a hill in the center of the city. In the middle of the temple was an even more special place, the Holy of Holies: the place where God lived. The Holy of Holies was separated from the rest of the temple by a heavy curtain. Only the Chief Priest could enter this area, and he could only do that one day a year, during Passover. God was veiled from those who came to worship Him. I wonder how the Jewish people felt about this: to be in the place that represents the center of faith, but still physically separated from God.

Jesus brought us many gifts, the greatest of which was the sacrifice of his life for our salvation. This sacrifice also opened the door for Him to gift us with his real presence in the Eucharist. In Mass, we get to not only see God; we get to consume him, to be united with Him. We get the opportunity for this union with God every day. What a glorious gift from God!

Our life and the many distractions it brings often keep us from accepting this gift. We attend Mass on Sunday, but even then we often think about worldly things. Those distractions can hold us back from immersing ourselves fully in the sacrament, and we don’t receive all that Jesus wants to give during Communion. We miss out on the best part. It is like getting a giant present and then not opening it.

Our God wants to have that special relationship with us. He wants to be connected with us, and we long for this connection, too. Let’s look inside of ourselves and see how we can prepare ourselves for Jesus. Let’s make a special effort to approach the altar during Mass with a renewed appreciation for this precious gift God has given to us. Let’s make sure that He is not veiled from us, but lives inside of us.

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