Not Enough Time In the Day

Back in Seattle 6 weeks ago , my heart was restless and it was hard to find peace. My day was spent in sections – time for God was at daily mass and a few random prayers throughout the day. The rest of the day was spent doing whatever I needed to get done. The problem was that I never asked God, “how should I spend my day today?” Sometimes after mass I said “Lord I give you this day” but I never reflected on what that meant or what he really wanted me to do. I took control of my schedule and did not ask God throughout the day what I really should be doing. Part of the reason why I did this was because I thought I could order my day better on my own (foolish). I also believed that even if I did ask Him, I wouldn’t know how to figure out what God wanted anyways.

So I planned out my day – mass, time for preparing for missions, time for triathlon training, coffee dates, meals with friends or family. In between things, I would go on Facebook or text my friends or check my email. I thought I was doing a good job managing my schedule and was doing the right things. But then, one week before leaving for missions, I realized, “where did my time go? I have so much more to do”.  I became even more restless.

My agitation rubbed off on the rest of my family. With so much to do at the last minute, now I really thought that I didn’t have time to pray and my last few days with family and friends were way too hectic.

Now that I have been following Life Teen missions Rule of Life for 6 weeks now, I can clearly see the problem. It was simple. I wasn’t spending enough time in quiet with God.

Since starting my day with an hour of prayer, so many beautiful things have happened in my life. The simple conversations with family and friends are leading to conversions.  My heart is able to love and give more selflessly.  I am able to accomplish more in my day. How am I able to accomplish more with one hour in my day being spent in prayer? You would think that would give me less time to get everything done…

Well… I don’t really know how it works but it works…God just blesses your time – less worry, less focus on unimportant things. The peace found in the morning guides our hearts toward right and wrong, toward God’s will and away from our own selfish desires, toward what is important and away from what is not. Sure, I got by before but I realize now that my daily life was lacking…But I am never going back now that I know how much more productive, peaceful and full of love my day is.

I invite you to begin your day by finding that peace in praising God and then asking Him “what should I do today?”  Then just listen for a while.  Listening might feel uncomfortable at first so that’s why I suggest starting with 10 minutes.  Don’t quit even if it is uncomfortable. Push through the uncomfortableness of the quiet because God wants to be with you.  He will meet you in the quiet.  He probably won’t speak to you in a booming voice, but let that peace be your guide to His will throughout your day.

Patiently expect miracles – God wants the people around you to be loved and conversions to happen. It all starts with your little “yes” in the quiet of the morning.

About the Author

Originally from Kirkland, WA - my life was radically transformed when I started attending Life Teen Mass in 6th grade. Through the ups and downs of high school, broken family life and relationships - God never abandoned me although I kept denying His love. Learning that God's plan always wins over mine, I decided to follow His call to become a missionary. Now that I am a Life Teen missionary, it's still not easy and I have to choose God everyday. Knowing the freedom, peace, and joy that comes with accepting God's incredible love, my heart overflows with passion to share the grace of Christ with everyone I meet!