A Rewarding Balancing Act

Being at Covecrest has really brought us closer as a family, and also makes us examine constantly what it means to be a family in the Catholic Church. All of us, from Chuck down to Chelsea, are having to figure out how our calling as missionaries meshes with our roles in the family. We’re used to balancing professional lives or school lives with home life, but if you’re a missionary, it’s a 24/7 thing. And so is being a family. How do those two fit together?

We are all committed to this mission, which is a blessing. We all believe fervently in the Life Teen mission, in the Catholic Church, and in the need for evangelization. Being Catholic has brought such joy to us that we do want to share it with the world. We also love each other dearly, so we are trying to evangelize as much as possible together – in local outreach, for example. We are also trying to set time apart for strictly family events – like a trip to Helen coming up this week, going to the library as a family, or just playing on Mike’s Lawn (the grassy knoll in front of Mike’s Place here at Covecrest). It’s not easy to remember to plan specific family stuff – working parents may have some sympathy here. The rewards are great, however. My kids and husband are fantastic human beings. It is most definitely a reward to be able to spend time with them, to take a second to appreciate how Chelsea and Chris are growing as both human beings and as a son and daughter of God, and to appreciate Chuck’s patience.

The bottom line is, although blending a missionary vocation with a family vocation is challenging, I think it will wind up making both stronger. We’re lucky though – we have help in both missions. We have such great supporters of family around us in both the Church and the Covecrest community. We are really fortunate.

Think about what you can do to affirm either your own family or the families at your church. This could be something as simple as spending time with your family or helping out with a Christmas event for families at your church. The families of the Church has been called by Blessed John Paul II to follow Christ and by Pope Benedict to be a ‘domestic church…to educate new generations in human and Christian values.”

– Ginny Taylor

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