Do Not Be Afraid

Do not be afraid. How often do we hear these words? As a child, our parents say it a lot – if you are afraid of the dark or if you think there is a monster under your bed. As a child of God, God the Father says, “Do not be afraid.” Jesus says it to His apostles. I was reading the gospel recently and it said:

“Do not be afraid.” – Luke 12:7

The day before I read this phrase in the gospel, we were sitting in our house with all the female missionaries and Jessica asked who wanted to share about the gospel the next day. I said that I didn’t like sharing in big groups.  On the inside, I was afraid. Then we read the gospel for the next day that clearly stated, “Do not be afraid.”  So, I said that maybe I need to do this. And I did. I shared about the gospel, and it felt good! God is challenging me to do things I am not used to doing, and sometimes that makes me feel uncomfortable, but he also comforts me through the gospel saying “Do not be afraid.”

It took me two years to trust God and to have the courage to be a missionary, but when I finally made the decision to come, a feeling of peace fell over me, and I knew I made the right decision. I wasn’t afraid.

When I came here I was a little bit overwhelmed with what God wanted to change in my life. I was afraid to be open for His love and His plans for me. I closed myself to everything and everyone around me, but I noticed that it wasn’t making me happy. I start feeling alone and grumpy.

At the October Life Teen Conference for youth ministers and core member, I was praying during adoration (that is when the priest puts the Eucharist in a monstrance).  I was struggling because I always try to do everything on my own.  As a result, I was not really open to depending on God and receiving His love for me.   During adoration, I finally decided that I couldn’t do it on my own.  I decided that I wanted to give God a chance and to be open for His love. I did not want to be afraid.  So I prayed for openness and I asked God for his help.  Since then, I have been more peaceful and happy.  Now, I am enjoying my life at Covecrest more.  My prayer experience in adoration followed by “Do not be afraid” in the gospel, was a confirmation of my choice to be open for God’s love and His plans for me.

God is with me. He is showing His love for me through scripture. He is giving me the chance to grow in my confidence by speaking to teens I don’t know. Our God is a good and loving God. Be open to his love and:

“Do not be afraid.” – Luke 12:7

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my name is Willeke, I am 20 years old and i am originally from the Netherlands. I love doing gymnastics and singing. i went to a life teen parish in the Netherlands for 5 years, and started college before God destroyed my life and called me to life teen missions. I can not imagine doing something different now! i absolutly love it. I love to journey with teens and leet them closer to Christ!