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You Are My Beloved

We are currently reading a book by Henri J.M. Nouwen titled The Return Of The Prodigal Son.  He is a well renowned author, a former Harvard professor, and a Catholic priest. The first few chapters of this book discuss the idea of being God’s beloved. In formation Tuesday morning, we were asked to focus and journal on this same concept of being God’s beloved. We were instructed to enter into dialogue with God and to start that dialog with God saying, “You are my beloved.” I was extremely moved by this exercise and would like to share my journal entry with you.

As I stated, this journal entry was a dialogue between God and I, and I hope that this experience draws you closer to Him.

Father: You are my beloved.

Paul: I am aware of that but what does that mean?

Father: That I am your Father.

Paul: Ok, and?

Father: I am God, I am your Father; My son, God is your Father.

Paul: Ok, but you are father to over 6 billion people so what’s so special about you being my father.

Father: “You are my son; this day I have begotten you” (Heb 5:5). Twenty-five years ago on March 29th you were born. On that very day you became part of my creation; you were my gift to the world; my focus was on you.

Paul: Ok, your focus was also on hundreds of other babies being born all around the world. So what’s your point?

Father: Remember son, I am God.  Time is in my hands. Every hour, minute, and second of your life is accounted for; I am aware of it all.

Paul: Ok Father so you’re telling me that my relationship with you is exclusive and that you’re able to focus on every second of my life as if I was the only person in the world.

Father: Yes!

In this exercise, the Lord reveled to me that I am his beloved, his son, the apple of his eye, and that he loves me individually. God showed me that he is able to love you and me as if we were the only people in the world.  Try dialoguing in your journal with God the father as his beloved son or daughter.  He will reveal his amazing, undivided, completely unique love for you.

~Paul Alain Albert

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Paul and Anna Albert

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