Family and Prayer

By: Chuck Taylor

We, the Taylor Family, recently moved to Covecrest to become full-time missionaries.  Our daily lives at Covecrest are filled with work, classroom instruction, daily community prayers (morning and evening), our individual prayers, and almost daily mass.   So I guess the first question that would arise is: what is the impact of this new routine on our family?  It certainly takes some getting used to, and we are all still working on that.

There are, however, some very rewarding fruits that have come from including God in our day more.  We as a family have grown even closer. Yes, even during just these first few weeks.  Prayer life and spending quality time with God and each other has had some immediate benefits.  We have been able to communicate better, even during disagreements.  I found personally that I am listening more closely to what Ginny, Chris, and Chelsea are saying.  My first reaction to adversity – to crisis even – is still frustration and anger, but I find that I can turn to God more quickly and easily to ask for His strength and His guidance.

We are all free to explore how we can best interact with God.  He has given us so many ways in which we can do just that to get closer and to go deeper: prayer, Mass, adoration, intersession by our blessed Mother Mary and the Saints, and of course, the greatest connection to God the Father: our Lord, Jesus Christ.

So let us all take some time this week to get to know God better.  Let’s use the means that we have been blessed with to make and keep that connection.  I’m sure it will have a positive effect on your family, too.

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