The Living Word

We are adding something new to our prayer this year as missionaries that we learned from Fr. Roland at the missionary base in Germany. We refer to it as “Living the Word”. Every morning whoever is leading morning prayer that day will read the Gospel.  They will choose a word or phrase that spoke to the them and share that with the community and encourage the community to see how they can live out that word or phrase throughout their day.  At night prayer, we will then discuss how we “Lived the Word”.

Today was my day to lead prayer and to speak about the Gospel.  During holy hour I was preparing to pray through the gospel when I felt a sudden urge to walk around the stations of the cross here at Covecrest.  I walked over to the stations and read the gospel when I arrived.  Since today is the memorial of “Our Lady of Sorrows” there were options for the Gospel. I decided to read the one from John where Jesus says to Mary “Behold Your Son” and to the Beloved disciple John, “Behold your mother.”  I was excited to get to the stations at the end that would portray this scene but took my time.  I stopped at the station when Jesus meets to women of Jerusalem.  I pondered why this was significant?  Then the word “Disciple” from the gospel came back to me.  I realized that in these moments, these women were understanding that Jesus was asking them to continue with His mission to tell the world about Him and His father and the Kingdom of Heaven.  God is calling me to do the same. Right now it is just the female missionaries here at Covecrest (boys are hiking), so I shared with them the call to remain disciples to each other by feeding each others hearts, speaking truth, listening to one another.

I then moved on to the station where Jesus is taken down from the cross. At Covecrest, it is depicted with Mary holding Jesus’ body and John and Mary Magdalene at her side.  John, the Beloved Disciple, was right next to Mary in each of the next stations. It reminded me that Mary is our mother and was given to us at the moment that John received her into his home.  We are to walk with Mary and spend time with her each day, too. I encouraged each of my sister missionaries to spend sometime with Mary today and ask her to help us be better disciples.

How are you living out the word today?

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