Time to start grafting

I am beginning to realize more each day that my life is not my own. That all I am belongs to and is enriched by Christ. For a long time, the phrase “my life is not my own” frustrated me. Of course, I would protests and claim that my life is the only thing that is mine to keep. In all reality though, I knew that was not true. I knew from a very young age that I was meant for more than just living my life for my own satisfaction.

Am I freely in control of my life and actions? Yes, but we are certainly meant for more than to belong to ourselves. You and I were fashioned together by God for a greater purpose than we may ever truly understand. During prayer a few days ago, I began to reflect on a few scriptures from the gospel of John. The two verses that really caught my attention said “Whoever remains in me and I in him will bear much fruit, because without me you can do nothing,” and “No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” Both of these verses really hit my heart in a beautiful way. I started to realize yet again, that my life is meant to be rooted in Christ and that through Him I am called to lay it all down.

Realizing that I am meant to be one with God these two verses, are really transforming my life. My first action in living for the Lord is giving Him my whole life in love; my complete gift of self to Him who first loved me is a mandatory response of how he first loved us. This interior action should manifests through my prayer, my vocation, my daily actions, and my speech. Once the Lord truly has my heart He grafts it to His.

This is why I was made to be in union with Him. If I am receiving my very life from Him, than all you should receive from me is the fruit of Jesus in my life. This happens at our baptism. In a very unique way through this sacrament we are joined to Christ. During our lifetime we must choose whether to live out  this communion with our Lord.

When we give ourselves totally to Christ He gives us totally to others. Both in daily life to my fellow missionaries, classmates, teachers, prayer partners, or friends, but also in vocations. I am meant to lay down my life because Christ first laid down His life for me. God’s Passion was a total martyrdom and gift of self to the world. In my hope and prayer this day, is that each of us may give over our lives to the will of the father through His will and plan we find Christ resurrected.

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