Scared of Justice?

I originally wrote this blog right after Osama bin Laden died. I waited to post it because I wasn’t sure how I or others would react to it. In my confusion over everything, I was scared by my own thoughts and feelings over justice. Below I will share some of the things that were running through my mind at that time:

So, Osama bin Laden is dead. I have heard many things surrounding this news that leave me confused about how to feel. Coming from a military family, my first reaction was a bit of relief for this man’s death. After all, he killed many and even chose not to surrender when he could have saved his own life. However, as a Catholic, I thought about how a life had been lost.

Then, I think of my brother. My brother and I are pretty close, despite a five year age difference. He is currently serving in Afghanistan with the Marines and has to deal with reciprocations from Bin Laden’s death. While the morale over there is good (they just got the number one guy on the Most Wanted list), heightened danger is inevitable. I can’t help but think, “Well, now they just need to get the rest of the guys on the Most Wanted list!”

All of these thoughts leave me struggling between what I’ve been taught about America’s teachings on justice and what the Church says is justice. I am confused over what is right and wrong, what is just and unjust, what is fair and unfair… the list goes on and on. Of course I believe what the Church says, but it’s also difficult when someone I love so much is still there in imminent danger.

I wish so much that there could be peace and that I didn’t have to struggle between what is and isn’t fair or just. All I can do is pray for the grace to see the line between the views of the people around me (no matter what view that is) and to see what God wants me to see. I can wish and hope for peace all I want to, but until I genuinely sit and pray for there to be a change, there won’t be a difference.

Back to Present Day:

So where does this leave me months later? Well, my brother came home from Afghanistan on July 1st (PRAISE THE LORD)! I feel like I have had some growth on this matter, but it is still very much a point of struggle. I know that the only way I can get through it is to pray, pray, and pray some more.

Lord, give us the strength to see your works. Let us see every man, woman, and child as Your creation, no matter what they may have done in this life. Give us the courage to not rejoice in a death and to pray for every soul left in Your judgment.


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