Pray Without Ceasing

In our chapel at Covecrest we have this statue of Mary. Every time I go into the chapel I think of how cool but scary it would be if she looked up at me one time. As I was praying a Hail Mary in the chapel and looking at her it hit me. As we pray the Hail Mary we say ‘pray for us now and at the hour of our death’. Think of how much we go through and all the things that we need prayers for. Mary would never look up from her prayers because she is too dedicated to praying for all of us now and at the hour of our death. Sometimes when we pray I get distracted and look up to see what others are doing, but Mary would never do this. After I realized this, I felt a sense of relief, that Mary is always there in the chapel praying intensely for my soul. Mary can’t be distracted from praying for all of our souls, we are too important. Finally, I want to leave you with one quote that I heard from Erik Martin, who I am sure heard it from some one else, ‘If we could fully comprehend the power of prayer we would never cease from getting off our knees.’

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