Nerf guns for breakfast

About two weeks ago all of the Area Contacts for Life Teen came to Covecrest for their annual retreat. I was excited for the weekend because we were going to be eating really good food, sleep in, and my youth minister was coming, triple bonus.

I was on breakfast duty one day during the week and was in the kitchen helping Bridget get ready when a youth minister named Richard from Arizona walked in and started talking with me and one of the other missionaries. We were joking around and talking as we prepared for breakfast when out of no where Richard brought up a blog a missionary wrote about wanting to by a dart gun. Immediately I got kind of excited and was like “That’s me, I wrote that blog.”

Richard then proceeded to tell me that my blog inspired one of his former teens to apply for summer staff and to even begin discerning becoming a missionary. I was really surprised because as a missionary a lot of the time you forget that people actually read your blogs. Richard then told me that he promised his former teen, Nicole, that if he met me he’d buy me a dart gun and tell me it was from her.

A couple nights later I’m in the main lodge for a social and Richard comes up to me with a Wal-Mart bag and hands me a brand new nerf gun. I was so excited for it; I opened it up right away and started playing with it. This nerf gun was legit; it had a laser scope on it and everything! Richard took a picture of me with the gun and sent it to Nicole right away.

I was amazed at how a simple blog I wrote six months ago in Germany had resulted in me getting a new nerf gun and impacted a person’s life. I started thinking about all the hundreds of teenagers that come through Covecrest throughout the year and if they had been impacted at all in a random way by the missionaries here. I also started thinking a lot about my own youth minister and other role models in my life and how they’ve impacted me in major ways by doing something that was so simple.

Throughout this year I’ve learned over and over again that it’s not big fancy talks or speeches that change people’s hearts and impact them.  People are changed and impacted in little ways. Wither that be by a person spending the time to talk to you even when their busy, or reading a random strangers blog, or even seeing your youth minister pray alone at 6am on a bus when no one else is around to watch. These are the things that impact people, and that’s freakin’ awesome.




Side Note: The song “Set a Fire” by Will Reagan and the United Pursuit Band is stuck I my head and won’t go away because we’ve been doing so much praise and worship with it.  Check out the song, it’s amazing!


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