A Call to Receive

On the weekend of April 8th 2011, at Rolduc Seminary, people from all over Europe gathered for the European Life Teen Training Conference. The theme for the weekend was “Veni Sancte Spiritus,” which means, “Come Holy Spirit.” Randy Raus, the President of Life Teen, had mentioned that when you call upon the Holy Spirit, you should expect BIG things to happen. Boy, were we in store for the unexpected!

The program consisted of sessions, praise & worship, fellowship, and most importantly the Mass. This all began on Friday night with a personal encounter with Jesus, face to face, in Adoration and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We invited the participants to be completely open to Jesus dwelling in their hearts; little did I know, He was also calling me deeper.

See, I thought my role for the weekend would be about giving; but, God had a different plan for my heart. While serving in the Praise Band, I felt a change of perspective in leading the music and I realized how badly Jesus wanted all of my heart. He was calling me to just receive. This meant that all I had to do was worship with my whole being, and it took me until the very last praise & worship session to let go of everything! After surrendering, God graced me with the gift of laughter. I was no longer in control and there was a new freedom, pure joy; a tiny glimpse of heaven! The whole weekend was very blessed and what we received was so much more than just information about Life Teen, we received the Holy Spirit. So, let us pray, Veni Sancte Spiritus!

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