Not only our sins are on the cross!

Do you know those times, or maybe you feel it all the time, when something somebody else said or did is weighing down on us? Maybe it’s something little like something hurtful somebody said to you. Or maybe you’ve experienced something way bigger, like being ignored or abused by a parent.


God showed me something redeeming in this. This has been a few months ago that He showed me this, but it keeps on being strongly stirring inside of me to put it in a blog.


Jesus died on the cross for us, as you hopefully know,  so that all of our sins are with Him nailed on the cross. All our sins. We are freed from them, they have no longer the power to put us down.

God showed me that they are not only our sins that He nailed on the cross but everybody’s sins! He died not only for us, but for everybody. That means also for their sins! So why would I let the actions and words of others way so heavy upon me, when He made sure that they don’t have any power over us anymore? Even though the people committing it don’t realize what Jesus did for them, He did it still for them. Their sins are on the cross. And just as much as Jesus wants us to wash us clean from our sins, to set us free, redeem us, so does He wants us also to be free from the sins that others committed to us. Why would I keep on struggling with painful things from the past and from people around me today and everyday? God wants me to be free! From my sins and from the sins of others. He wants me and you to stand free, in His love! Why would we keep those human actions from others so close to us? He also died for those, to set us free! No more lies, no more ungodly actions that have so much power over us. He can make us free, if we let go of it all. Don’t let it have such an weighing down power over us. Become free, as He wants you to be, and as only He can do for you. Ask Him, give everything to Him, all your scars and pain. Give it all to Him, on the cross, where it already belongs. No more on us.


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