Leaving Laziness and Going With Smiles

 Last month, I was blessed to have taken a week long trip to Haiti. This trip was so amazing and had countless blessings. I learned so much from the kids at the orphanage that we stayed at; learning to love, work, relax, and ride in the back of a truck better. These children loved without reserve which was something that I needed practice in. I never thought I could work or smile so much in such a short amount of time.

The first full day that we were there we leveled out part of the yard and built a swing set. We stopped only for lunch and for an hour and 1/2 break in which we all took advantage of by napping. After taking that nap half of us stayed to finish the job while the other half went on a home visit. Working and trying to wake up from the nap wasn’t working out too well for me until Stephen Smith said something that changed my whole day. ‘Caleb do you know how much the Lord is blessing you right now?’ with a giant smile on his face. A boy and girl had been helping me fill up a wheel barrel to move dirt and were doing a much better job than I was. After I repeated what Stephen had told me a few times in my head it finally hit me. These kids who were maybe 5 or 6 were doing more work than I was doing and with a such joy and happiness. Now maybe they thought of it as play but it changed my outlook. I thought that they shouldn’t be so good at shoveling dirt and constantly working. After this epiphany, I began to work with much fervor and joy while taking time to load the kids up in the wheel barrel to race them around trees.

I can’t count how many hours we spent on the back of a truck but most of the time there were kids with us in the back and every once and a while I would catch one of their eyes. As I would catch their eyes I couldn’t help but smile as they returned the smile. I never knew that smiling was so contagious! One of the final nights we were staying there, Chris asked us what we would like to leave and take with us. I said that I wanted to take more smiles and leave any sense of laziness. I wanted to take smiles because I felt like I’ve never smiled as much as when I was down there and I wanted to leave laziness because if a five year old can work hard for hours at a time then there is no excuse why I can’t keep up with him.

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