Have you encountered Christ?

Two weeks ago thirteen missionaries from Covecrest journey to Haiti to serve alongside Moving with the Spirit, Mission Haiti. They have an orphanage that is about five hours away from Port-au-Prince on bumpy Haitian roads. During our time there we were able to meet many wonderful people. In the midst of one of our home visits, I realized in a very tangible way I was encountering Christ. He was hidden and disguised in the poorest of the poor.

One day we hiked through the beautiful country side to a local village to meet Madam Morgén, an eighty year old woman. To the  world she would probably seem old, wrinkly, and not ‘worth’ much, but this beautiful grandmother was a treasure. She lost her husband at a young age after having four boys. She told us that after he passed away, she decided to take Jesus as her spouse. I was truly struck by the beauty and simplicity of this woman of God. She has no doubt in His presence and love for her.

Madam Morgén, is unable to really leaver her home and is taken care of by a granddaughter. She spends her days in prayer. Not just prayer for herself and her family, but prayer for people all around the world. She prays in a very beautiful way for you and me and all other people who believe around the world. She asks the Lord on our behalf that we may always know that He is with us. When she told us this and stopped to pray for us, I was blown away.

This woman had nothing more to her name than a 10 x 10 hut and a bed to sleep on, but she has it all. She has the Lord who is her rock and strength. The Lord who provides for her every need. Though she may not be able to go to mass or church she is truly in union with God. Jesus Christ dwells within her. She is totally His and in return it is apparent that He blesses her by giving her the greatest gifts of faith , hope, and love.

If she could say one thing to all of you, I think it would be the very thing that she told us when we visited with her. “God is with you. He is here and you are not alone.” Whenever you doubt you must stop and ask God to help you believe. “He is with you, at all times, He is by your side.”

Our time in Duverger, Haiti was so blessed by the Lord. Our time with Madam Morgén, was one of the many moments that I truly encountered Christ in Haiti. The reality that I was so well aware of even in my moments at her small little hut, is that Christ dwells within each and every single person I meet.  I miss it so often, I miss the Christ that dwells within you, within my family, within my friends, or the clerk at the supermarket checkout counter. My hope this Easter is that I may rejoice each day as I encounter Christ in all those I meet.

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