Don’t want to be unfulfilled

Oh the fun that can be had on a Friday night. Most people my age would tell you Friday nights are spent studying, dating, or drinking. I don’t mean this statement in a bad way, it’s just the truth of the culture and the age bracket I fall into. The hardest part is being “expected” in a way to fall into one of these Friday night categories. The problem is I don’t. I’m not in school, so no need to study. I don’t have boyfriend and I’m currently not looking and perfectly okay with that, so date nights are out. And my party days were very unfulfilling. Plus I live in a dry house and we limit ourselves to two drinks per occasion, so clubbing, bars and drinking to get drunk are most certainly out of the question. So what is one to do on a Friday night when this world’s current expectations are not something I will be fulfilling? You find friends who feel the same way and you come up with other fun things to do on Friday night.

It’s amazing to me just how easy it is to find friends who are also unwilling to fulfill current social expectations. They have become the friends I rely on and who help me solve my problems. We have found being a disappointment to secular cultural expectations is actually quite enjoyable. I can’t speak for them, but when old high school friends come around and hear about the way I’m living now, the reactions I receive are priceless and most of them are left speechless, unsure if I’m still human. The thought of living a good, holy life and not being weighed down by what the world expects is such a foreign concept for most people my age. They can’t even comprehend their lives without the weight of the world on their shoulders. I pray one day the controlling nature of society’s big guys will crumble down around them and they will also realize just how much better life could be when you have something real to live for. I hope my life will reflect truth and I am living for what life is really meant to be lived for. I pray more and more of us stand up and live a life fulfilled. I pray we can all be truly happy and our life means more than Friday night.

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