A lot has happened since January 12th when I wrote my last blog.  I’m sitting down here in Florida at St. Leo’s University.

I am grateful to say that since that blog, God is really helping me push past those feelings of desolation.  In fact he is showering me with some major love.  I spent a weekend with a college group from Georgia College and State University.  I was able to lead worship for them and the entire time was at peace with the role.  Something that rarely happens (i’m normally scared to be in front of people).  I was also able to pour myself into conversations with the students and felt incredibly blessed to hear their stories.  I met a young man named Thomas who I think might have a direct connection to God.  His words were incredible and spoke volumes of God’s love for us.

The following weekend I spent 5 days with my brother and father.  Something we have not done since I was in 8th grade.  They came for the Men’s retreat at Covecrest.  I didn’t really expect anything big to happen, but my dad took me by surprise at the end by admitting that he had been in a place of waiting and it was time to do something.  I know it will be a long process, but the prayers that I began last year for him or beginning to bear fruit and I am so pumped to see more!!!!  They also got to be there for my birthday party and was able to hear affirmations of me.  I don’t like it in a prideful way, I loved it more because I was able to make him feel proud of who I have become.  I don’t think I could have asked for a better present from the Lord than to see my Dad beaming with pride for his son.

Fast forward to this Monday, I traveled down to St. Leo’s and took part in a Week of Love that was put on by my friend Amanda Cassar. . . . it was frickin suweeeetttt!  I am meeting amazing students who have the ability to change the world with their spirit and desire to love.  Yesterday I spent most of the day outside in 70 degree weather giving free hugs to the student body.  It was awesome to see some of their eyes light up and to see how such a simple action can change the day.  It was also cool to be able to see how many different types of hugs there are.  Every single one was different and had it’s own personality.  Even the one where my friend James had to chase a guy down and tackle him to hug him.

I am sitting in the lobby of one of the university buildings and can only reflect on how cool God has been lately to me and how he is probably this awesome all the time, I just don’t open my eyes to see it.

God is good.  Love strong and be great.

Paul M. Devine

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