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Yesterday morning I was in the chapel reading I Believe In Love and I can’t help but smile at what I read and share it with you.  (If you have not read my previous blog Saving The World or Eternal Salvation you might want to read that first and then come back to this).  I Believe in Love is a book based off of the teachings of St. Therese (patroness of missionaries). This book has been read by many of my missionary brothers and sisters so I decided to pick it up.  I wasn’t too crazy about it until I got to the chapter  called “Great Desires, Humility, Peace”.  The last two pages of this chapter are talking about having the Peace of Christ in our hearts.  I was smiling the whole time reading this yesterday because it is exactly what my previous blog was all about!  I wished I had read this first so I could have shared some of the quotes in that post but then I realized I can just make a second post.  So here are some of the amazing lines that I wish to share with you:

“We begin our heaven here below in the divine peace Jesus gives us.  Our only happiness on earth lies in that.  The world shrinks the heart without ever filling it.  Jesus makes it grow continually and fills it continually”

“It  is a great glory for Jesus that his best servants are so tranquil, so happily peaceful under his gaze, in the radiance of his Heart.  It is a duty for you to spread this sweet and joyful peace around you.”

“Peace does not necessarily mean sensible joy. but it is the happiness of him who knows he is where he ought to be and who asks for nothing but what he has, who is always joyous because Jesus, who is all his joy, is always with him.”

“It is through the hearts of those who love him and whom he has filled with his divine peace, “Choosing the weak to confound the strong,”(1 Cor. 1:27), that Jesus radiates peace in the world.  The first way to work for peace in the world is to let Jesus establish it in our souls.”

During mass we share in the peace that God has given us at our baptism and then at the end of mass the priest says, “Go in Peace to Love and Serve the World!”  So GO!  Give the Peace that Christ has given to you.  Love and Serve!

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