Fierce Like a Little Flower!

If I was to tell you that something or someone was fierce like a little flower you wouldn’t think much of that at all. But what if I was to say that someone was as fierce as a little flower for God?  Still nothing? In my mind I see St. Therese being this this very thing, fierce as a little flower for God. Now if you are wondering what this term means I can give you a few examples. St. Therese is one of the patron saints for missions although she joined a cloistered convent at a very young age. Living in community can be a difficult thing especially in closer quarters and for the rest of your life. St. Therese overcame this difficulty by choosing to love in a special way the people she could not get along with. God not only called her to the vocation of the religious life but to a vocation to love. She realized that everything she knew and experienced were all little gifts from God. And finally that the most important thing for her was that God’s will was to be completely done over her will, no matter what that meant.

As I began to read St. Therese’ autobiography, Story Of A Soul, I couldn’t help but enjoy it. I have always wanted to do great things for God and in a big way…after all, I am a guy and I am from Texas. As a guy, I have never wanted to do anything in a “little” or “flowery” way. But as I continued to read Story of a Soul I realized that she had a ferocity for God that I knew I could never attain in any big way. The biggest thing that stuck out to me was that St. Therese wanted God’s will to be done over hers to the point that she wouldn’t mind spending eternity in hell if God willed it. Now I know that sounds pretty radical but St. Therese wanted every place on Earth, above, and below to have at least one person praising God. So if that meant that she needed to spend eternity in hell so that God’s will could be accomplished then she would have it be done unto her. So in trying to better myself I will strive for a fierceness for God that is comparable to that of a little flower of Lisieux.

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