You are truly loved!

Have you ever felt lost, alone, left out, not accepted? Are you hungry for love, for peace, for real true happiness and friendship?

Hear this.

You are so loved… You are so loved. So loved! Not by just any random person. You are loved, so preciously loved by your Creator, the One who created the universe, the stars that you see at night, the One who created the most beautiful little flowers you’ve ever seen, the One! He loves you so so much! Even if you’re wondering around on this earth, or if you feel like nobody cares about you, or if you feel like nobody really truly understands you, if you feel all alone.
You are not.

There is one person who will do anything for you, who will do anything for you to come back to Him and to let you know and experience His love for you. And He did, He had sent His son, to die… for you! For you!

He sees you, so personally. He loves you so dearly, so intimately. If only you could see this, His thirst and love for you? He is begging you to come closer to Him, to silence yourself, so you can finally really hear Him. He longs for you to open your ears, eyes and your heart for Him. Then you’ll truly see how loved you are, how glorious and precious you are to Him, and how captured you are in His hands. He holds you close and He has tried so many times in your past to show you who He is. Did you hear Him whispering? Do you see where He was? He loves you so much. He wants to heal you from all your pain, all your grief, all your sorrows and scars. He wants to really release you from that, so you can stand in total and full freedom and love, standing in the knowledge of who you truly are, His beloved son/daughter.

Are you willing to open up, to let yourselves be loved by Him who knows you so dearly, to finally let yourself be perfectly loved? Are you willing to open up for Him? Let your lives be transformed in grand fullness, that only He can give you and that He wants to give you. Can you hear Him? Let Him in and let Him hold and love you. Give Him a little space and He will work wonders in your life. Nothing else in the world compares to this. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So what will it be? He loves you so much. What is your response?

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