Trains to Jesus: Part 2

We planned to meet one of the parishioners, who is very active in the parish in Haarlem, at the train station.  Once we got off of the train, Ashley and I suddenly felt very alone as we found ourselves in one of the largest train stations in Holland; it was also during rush hour on a Friday night. There were literally hundreds of people passing by us and we had no idea which direction we were supposed to walk towards. We ended up outside and on the across the street from the train station at one point; don’t ask me how we got there. We had no idea where we were going.  Once we found our way back across the street and into the main building of the train station, we were faced with many different hallway options. We were so confused and we were nervous.

We brought our emergency cell phone, so we tried to call our friend. When we did, a German message came on the line, which we couldn’t understand. We guessed that it was telling us that our “call could not be completed as dialed.” (We later learned it was just telling us that we didn’t have much money left to make calls–it is helpful to know the language!). We felt so alone. Thus, we stopped and prayed in the midst of the chaos of the busy train station. At the end of our prayer, I asked for the special intercession of St. Anthony of Padua to help us find our friend.  

We continued to walk straight while carrying our very heavy luggage. As we were walking, I asked the Lord to speak to my heart and tell me which path we should follow. Suddenly, I sensed that the Lord was telling us to go left. I shared this with Ashley. We both decided to listen to the peaceful voice as we trusted that the Lord would help us. As we turned, I saw our friend in the distance. We chased after him. Once we were united, we praised the Lord. Our friend told us that moments before we found him, he said a prayer to St. Anthony, asking for his intercession to find us! Ashley and I were stunned because it hadn’t even been five minutes since we had asked for St. Anthony’s help! This was miracle number 1 of the weekend.

This experience helped me to realize that no matter how lost we may feel, the Lord is always ready to guide us into the light.  I am so thankful that we have a God who cares so much about us! Praised be His name!

To be continued…

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