Stop, Drop and Pray

A few weeks ago, a couple of us were sitting around the kitchen table doing language homework. Our teacher was supposed to be arriving soon and we were getting some last minute practice in. She was running late and as we sat there, we began to wonder what was up. Then, we got a phone call; it was her–her dad had passed away. I asked her if there was anything we could do for her and she said, “Yes, pray for my mother.” It was so simple, yet, so beautiful. She was saying, “Yes, you can do something.” In a situation where I tend to feel useless and sorry that I can’t help, I realized that I could.

We all stopped what we were doing and went over to the church to pray. It was a beautiful time of prayer, that I’m sure was a blessing to our teacher’s family, as it was a gift to us. Afterward, a question popped into my head: why would we have done anything else? Once we had discovered the news, we could have stood around talking about what a shame it was, mention how we should pray for her and then simply go back to what we were doing. What would that have accomplished, though? I’m realizing the gift that the Lord has given us in the power of prayer—He has given us the ability to give meaning to all kinds of situations; for love knows how to “draw profit from everything” (Story of a Soul p 179).  As we find ourselves in difficult moments, instead of sitting around, let us stop, drop, and pray. Lord Jesus, increase our faith!

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