Letters to the Father

I am always excited to get mail (and for the record, my address is: 25 Falls Drive, Tiger, GA 30576…just incase you are interested in sending letters, packages, or crazy messages in a bottle).  In fact, mail time is one of the most anticipated moments of our day here at Covecrest – picture the pushing & shoving matches that spontaneously break out once we notice the little red flag on the mailbox is down – but seriously, we know the UPS guy’s name & even have his cell number.  Getting mail is a big deal here, especially when you live so far from your friends and family.

Anyway, a few days ago during evening prayer, a passage read:

“Worthy are you, O Lord, to receive the scroll and break open its seals.”

Contextually, I doubt this is what the writer of Revelation was trying to say, but to me, this excerpt conjured up a very specific image: the scroll was like a letter, with a fancy wax seal, waiting to be opened.  The letter was from me and as soon as it was sealed, it began floating up to heaven.  As all the angels waited for the mail to get there, each was more excited than the next to see who the letter was addressed to.  When it was finally received, they saw it was simply inscribed – To God, Love Me. Only He was worthy to open my letter; for His eyes only.  Once the Lord broke open the seal, it was clear for all to see that the letter simply read, YES. The message was short, sweet and to the point – I had said “yes” to Him.  And at that moment, the joy that swept across the Father’s face was ten-million times greater than any joy I have ever experienced from the mail arriving at Covecrest.

Again, I highly doubt this was the message in which John was trying to convey when he wrote this little bit of scripture, but it has really encouraged me to re-evaluate my days and the number of times I chose to say yes to the Lord; to ask the question, how often do I send up that little letter to heaven each day?  Truthfully, I have a lot of work to do.

So my prayer is to be more conscious of when I am truly choosing to act or speak or love in a way that says YES to God; and my new goal is to send as many letters as possible His way.  Please pray for me, I am praying for you.

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