The Power of an Invitation

Over the last few months, Jesus has been revealing to me more and more the power in an invitation.  In November, we read the Gospel story about Simon and Andrew dropping their nets to follow Jesus.  Jesus just invited them to come with Him and they did.  The Power of an Invitation.

We experienced this power at Thanksgiving when we invited many people from the community to celebrate an important American holiday with us.  People were thrilled that we thought of them to invite.  During our Thanksgiving celebration, many kept repeatedly thanking us for having been invited and expressed just how wonderful the food, conversation and overall atmosphere was.  One woman was so touched that she promised to invite all of us to her house for a typical German dinner in January.  By 10pm, everyone had gone home but one neighbor.  Being exhausted, we all just wanted to pray Night prayer and go to bed.  But we didn’t know what to do about the one last remaining guest.  This particular neighbor has not been to church in years and I am not sure if he believes in God any more.  We took a risk and decided to invite him to pray with us.  We were all pleasantly shocked when he accepted our invitation.  After prayer, we always go around and share blessings that we have received during the day.  Our neighbor shared that his blessing was praying with us as he hadn’t done it in years.  The Power of an Invitation.

A most recent personal experience of this power was at Christmas.  All the missionaries had plans for where they were going and what they were doing for Christmas.  It was getting very close to the 24th and I still didn’t have plans.  My attempts to make plans all failed.  I knew though, that Jesus didn’t want me to celebrate His birth alone.  I really wanted some one to invite me to celebrate with their family.  I didn’t want to have to say “hey, I have nothing to do for Christmas, can I come to your house?”  The idea of being invited by someone made me feel as if someone cared, that I was important and that I was loved.  God granted me this desire to be invited by a family for Christmas.  I was not invited by just one family but with two.  The Power of an Invitation!

I know how it feels to be invited.  The challenge for me is to now go out and invite others to mass, to LifeTeen or to pray without worrying about the consequences.  All I need to do is the inviting and Jesus will do the rest.

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