Seeing Jesus through Mary

In November, our community of Life Teen Missionaries committed to praying a special set of prayers each day, for a month, in preparation to consecrate ourselves to Jesus Christ through the Blessed Virgin Mary. I know this might sound a little odd; I myself had trouble with this at first. Mary is the mother of Jesus, but what does that have to do with me? Everything! It took me until the day before the consecration to fully understand that we are not making the Blessed Virgin Mary an idol but that she is our Mother. She is there to help guide us along our faith journey.

On December 7th, we woke up early for a special candlelight Mass. The whole church was solely lit by small candles, which sat on the pews in front of each person. While mediating during the offertory, I closed my eyes and saw the image of the Blessed Virgin walking down the candlelit aisle towards the front of the altar, hand-in-hand with a little girl. As I looked closely, I began to realize that it was me. As we approached the altar, Jesus was welcoming his mother with open arms. Mary gave the little girl’s hand to Him and they all hugged. Instead of fighting and wasting energy over why I don’t understand or why I need Mary to be closer to Jesus, I understood that I needed to approach it with faith like a child. To be led in reckless abandonment by my Sacred Mother to the arms of the King of Kings, her most precious Son, Jesus Christ.

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