Preaching the Gospel!

Before we, the missionaries, left for our break our community welcomed over 100 people to Covecrest for our annual Family Mission.  Family Mission is a time for local families (mostly from the Atlanta area but anyone is welcome) to come and experience mission.  It is so beautiful to see FAMILIES on mission TOGETHER!  All children and parents from any age, all shapes, and sizes come to give back to the much in need community of Tiger, GA.  Their willingness to serve and give of their time, finances, and hearts to complete strangers is such a beautiful witness.  The children are the best to watch because they have no resistance to loving even the poorest person they encounter.  Their love has no blinders. I led a team that went on several home visits over the course of the weekend.  We began the day by making baskets full of food, gifts, word searches, candy, etc. and a wonderful dinner to take to each of the homes we visited.  Then after lunch we headed out to the homes to meet with the people and pray with them.  My favorite visit had to be a man named Mr. Douglas Mitchell.  This is a man I have visited many times on meals on wheels routes.  He has suffered many strokes and is confined to a wheelchair.  He lives in a run down trailer that he can’t clean so it is piled with trash, cigarettes, newspapers, and who knows what else.  I love visiting him because he is so warm and welcoming.  After visiting with him for over an hour we continued on to our other home visits. As we were leaving all the women I was with just kept saying, “We have to go back and clean his house…he does not deserve to live like that.”  We also wanted to help him find his glasses that he had broken and could not find the missing pieces due to all the trash.  So we made our way back there the next day.  He was very overwhelmed by the thought that people wanted to help him in such a way that I had to keep him distracted while they cleaned.  I sat face to face with him for an hour and a half asking him all about his life.  Due to his stroke it is very difficult to understand him but I couldn’t imagine doing anything else plus who wouldn’t rather talk than clean?!  As the ladies were cleaning they found his glasses plus a second pair and they found his bible.  As it was almost Christmas, I asked if I could read to him the story of our Saviors birth.  He told me that he had not heard it in a while.  I began reading and he was so engaged.  As missionaries we always remember the words of St. Paul, “Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel” and I was overwhelmed by the fact that I was LITERALLY preaching the gospel to this man.  A man who represented Christ to me sooooooo much.  Ahhh what a beautiful experience it was. What a beautiful way to begin my Christmas season by sharing Christ’s birth with my brother!

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