Heading Home

I am amazed when God continually reveals Himself to me in beautiful simple truths.   On Sunday, I went to mass for the Epiphany and heard an incredibly simple but impactful homily. As a cradle Catholic I have obviously heard this Gospel 22 times ,if not more, over my life but my eyes were opened to a new ending of the Magi’s journey.  The last line in Matthew’s telling of the story says, “They left for their home by another road.” (Matt 2:12)  Right before that we hear that they were told in a dream that Herod wished to destroy the child so I always assumed that they had to find a new way home in order not to encounter Herod.  Actually, it was their encountering of Christ Our Lord and Savior that made them change their course in focus of their Heavenly Home!  They were inspired and filled with Hope that they could not return to what they had already known and the road they were traveling.  Christ set them on a new path towards Home, towards Heaven.  We, as Christians, following Christ on the path of hope towards heaven also have the opportunity to encounter Him not only at Christmas but each and every single day.  The Magi knew if they continued on their new path that even though they were “leaving” Jesus physically in Bethlehem, He would never leave them. Just like He never leaves us.  Christ is with us. EMMANUEL!  He has come to us as a man to lead us Home.  Whether you are encountering Him for the first time, reencountering Him after falling of the path , or continuing along the path, find hope in knowing that He has come to always be with us and to lead us Home just like He did for the Magi!

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