Attitude of Gratitude

While reading the Gospel during Morning Prayer on December 2nd, I scrambled to find my Bible. I began to read Matthew 15:32 – 39, The Multiplication of the fishes and loaves. I got about half way through the passage when I figured out that I wasn’t reading the right gospel for that day. Despite this, I continued to read.

While we pray The Liturgy of the Hours, we take a few moments to share how the Lord is speaking to our hearts. When we began our time of sharing, I recognized how God was clearly putting a theme in my life, that of being grateful. The reason why that passage was so fresh in my mind was because a good friend of mine had sent me a religious article on The Divine Gift of Gratitude the day before. It really placed the great value of being thankful for all the things God has already been providing for each and every day. It’s too easy to sometimes focus on the negatives and complain about the things we don’t have.

Let us follow the example of Jesus when He was faced with the challenge of feeding over four thousand of His followers with only seven loaves of bread and a few fish. Instead of complaining, like His disciples, Jesus took the bread and “gave thanks” to His Heavenly Father for what He already provided for Him. It has made me truly think about how much God has been providing for me recently in this mission year: a wonderful community, a home, a bed, warm clothes, food, and even a place to worship Him at my leisure. So instead of saying, “If only I had (Put Complaint Here) ” or “Things would get better if (Put Complaint Here),” we must try to give thanks without complaining. This is not something that will just happen overnight, but it is a choice.

Let us pray together to continually receive the grace of the Divine gift of gratitude.

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