Multiplying Medals!

Alright, I am having a serious block on what to write about.  I have such a desire to tell you all about what God is doing in my heart but when I try to put it in words that will make sense, I fail.  Sure in my journal I can understand what the heck I am talking about but trying to relay that to people I don’t even know is difficult.  So instead I’m going to tell you about a really cool experience I had just the other day

As missionaries this year, we have an awesome opportunity to help out at our local parish, St. Mark’s, youth group.  Last sunday the life night was all about Our Mother Mary! We spent a lot of time talking about the Immaculate Conception and Our Lady of Guadalupe seeing as both these feast days are occurring this week.  During the night, I remembered that I had a medal of San Juan Diego in my bag and decided that I really wanted to give it to one of the kids that night.  I had had the medal for months because a priest that had visited Covecrest gave them to us. I go to get the medal out of my bag and when I opened the pocket that it was in, there were two medals. I was a little taken aback but afterwards thought, “Well God provides!” After telling majority of my brother and sister missionaries from last year about this story, not a single one of them could remember a priest ever coming to give us these medals.  God really provides!

I love being able to witness God in these little ways!  How have you seen God in the little ways lately?

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