Writer’s BLO(g)CK

As you may have noticed, I am not good at writing blogs on a regular basis. There is always something “more important” for me to do. One of the reasons for not having time is that I have never felt comfortable sharing what God is doing in my life to complete strangers. I have no control over who reads my blogs and I don’t like that. I have never really thought about,though, how much God uses what I share to touch others.
The last time I was home in the States, I was the given the opportunity to share at our LT mass about LT missions in Europe. After praying a lot about what God wanted me to talk about and feeling that I wasn’t getting any answers, I thought, well maybe I am Not suppose to share this time at mass. 10 min. before leaving my house for mass, all of a sudden I knew what I was suppose to share.  I felt a sense of joy, peace and of excitement.  I was given time towards the end of mass to tell people about some of the ways  I am seeing God moving in Europe. As soon as mass was over, 2 women who I had never seen before ran up to me wanting to talk. They were so touched and excited about what I had shared. One of them felt called to support LT missionaries and another felt called to start LT in a parish in France where she is living. I couldn’t believe it. It was incredible to me to see how God used what I shared to move in someone else’s heart. I kept thinking, we never really know how God is using our words to speak to someone. So, though it is not easy for me to write blogs on a regular basis, I will try to do it more often trusting God is using my words to bring some one closer to himself.

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