Look Who’s Stalking Now!

As I continue further and further into my relationship with God, He has made it very clear that He pursues me more than I could ever pursue Him. And if He pursues me this much, why shouldn’t His mother?

For those of you who don’t know, Our Lady of All Nations appeared Amsterdam, a little over two hours from where I currently live. Ever since I moved to Germany, she has been stalking me. In fact, she started stalking me before I even knew God wanted me to move to Europe!

Pam, my beloved sister in Christ, was a missionary in Mesa, Arizona last year, and received a prayer card of Our Lady of All Nations from Randy Raus, the president of Life Teen. This was just the topper to the many occurrences that God revealed to her, pertaining to her call to be a missionary in Europe. When I started receiving images of Our Lady of All Nations, I thought about how ironic it was that she was pursuing us both, since God had put so many of the same things into both of our hearts about Europe.

My story with Our Lady of All Nations started when we went to Mass in one of our neighboring villages. I was originally sitting in the front of the Church. However, being that Mass was going to be said in German, I felt convicted to sit next to Amanda and have her translate for me. When I opened the Mass book at my new seat, a prayer card popped out. I had never seen the image before, so I brushed it off. Amanda went on to tell me that it was Our Lady of All Nations; so, I picked up the card, which had German handwriting on the back. Amanda translated the writing which said that the card was blessed and that it was there for me to take. So I did! A few days later, we went to Mass at the Carmelite Mother House in Sittard, Netherlands. There, almost the same thing happened! I opened the Mass book and there was her image! Afterwards, I was in our house and opened a book on the shelf. Low and behold, another one of her prayer cards fell out! A few days later, I was at a friend’s birthday party and I noticed that the mother was wearing a medal of Our Lady of All Nations! I also learned that this woman carries these prayer cards with her so that she can give them to people. So, I now have many of her prayer cards in Dutch, German, and English!

The icing on top of it all was when we went to Catholic Youth Day in the Netherlands. We set up our Life Teen booth and were taking shifts standing there. During the opening ceremony, Amanda and I were at our table when the booth to the left of us started to set up. I knew they were religious sisters, but I wasn’t familiar with the order.  Then, as they put out all of their information, I learned that they were the order that was started by the visionary of Our Lady of All Nations. Additionally, they put up a large poster with the image of Our Lady of All Nations. So, not only was she right next to me, but she gave me sisters to talk to all day about how she has been following me!

I feel very much convicted to visit the apparition site in Amsterdam at some point this year. She obviously wants me to come see her!

So, if you ever feel like Mary is following you and wants to tell you something, listen to her! Just submit to her and her Son! It will be much easier than running away!

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