Divine Providence and Spicy Peppers

Lately, God has been teaching me to pay more attention to what and where he’s leading me. I like to describe it as tuning into those initial gut reactions that happen before making a decision. I’m finding that the common, everyday decisions are where it counts the most because those are the ones that get easily overlooked.

Yesterday, for our Sabbath Day, Father Roland took us to visit a historical German Castle and its surrounding town. After we came back and celebrated Mass, it was time to eat dinner. Now keep in mind that on our Sabbath days, we are usually responsible for our own meals. Most of the community likes to eat out at this restaurant called Ali Baba Kebap House and some people were planning on that for dinner.

So, once again, that gut feeling arose and it was time to make a decision. I felt as if I wasn’t suppose to eat out just because everyone else was doing it, but that I should save my mission partner’s money for another occasion. Plus, there was enough food to make a light egg sandwich. I didn’t order any food and it turned out great because for one of the first times in making that kind of decision, I felt at peace with the choice I had made.

As the night continued, everyone piled in the living room with individual boxes of pizza and we were just about to watch a movie, when something divine happened. One person in the community noticed that the restaurant had messed up their order and added spicy peppers to their pizza. It was a little too spicy for their taste buds. So, they called up the place and told them about the mishap. It turned out that the restaurant was happy to fix the order and brought the new pizza over within 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, I was sitting at the table with Pam having a delightful conversation, when I was handed a grace. There it was: a delicious, cooked-to-perfection pizza. Praise God. I love spicy peppers! I realized that God was teaching me about dependence and trust. Sometimes, it takes those small decisions in life for us to truly encounter the divine providences God so desires us to have.  So be on the lookout for those opportunities, because you never know when you’ll be handed a grace.

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