Brothers Need Brothers, Sisters Need Sisters

Something that has been coming up recently in my prayer is the need for brotherhood when it comes to my faith journey. God has blessed me time and time again with amazing and holy brothers that keep me strong as a seek Christ. Without these men I would not be where I am. The more I prayed about this, the more I recognized something I was told awhile ago: “Brothers need brothers and sisters need sisters.” It was explained that a person who has not committed to the religious or married life should be most open with their own gender. Therefore the first people I should turn and open up to should be other men.

When I was in high school I never really thought much about this. It’s been a slow learning curve for me, starting with the realization that I can share more openly and get real feedback from a small group full of guys than being in a mixed group of guys and girls.

Praying more into the need of brotherhood I came to acknowledge certain Truths. God made masculine and feminine hearts distinctly different, which is so complex and awesome that all those differences can‘t even be grasped after a lifetime. The bottom line that I know to be true is that the struggles and temptations that men and women go through are completely different. I should never expect a sister to fully shoulder the responsibility of holding me accountable in my life. I could never fully explain or open up my times of desolation to her fully.

Asking her to be my best friend (or vice versa) that holds me accountable in my faith is setting up for failure and is a disservice to the both of us. The only time a man should call a woman his best friend is within the sacrament of marriage.

This is something that I came to in prayer and challenge everyone who reads this to pray into as well.

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