My Sisters,

My dear sisters in Christ,

There are so many beautiful things in life. We look to art, music, nature, people and much more to see the daily masterpieces that God has created for us. But, how many times do we actually recognize the beautiful images that God has painted within our own lives and hearts? Do we allow ourselves to be filled by the One who calls us “beloved’? Or, do we seek our fulfillment in mere things?

Over the past few months, I have heard story after story of the sincere struggle to know true self-worth.  Recently, I was listening to someone who was having a hard time knowing her real beauty. After our conversation, I prayed about the things that were shared with me. During that time, I also did an evaluation of my heart and recognized my own struggles in this area. While praying, the Lord gave me a song about His unending invitation to be with Him. It made me realize, that, no matter what we have been told or how we have been hurt, the Lord is passionately in love with us; this will NEVER change! And, He desires to be with us. He wants us in His presence. He is here and He LOVES us.

Below, I have typed the words of the song that the Lord sang to my heart; they are not meant to be kept in my heart alone. Rather, they are to be shared as an invitation to you (to us) to enter into the Lord’s love, rest, and peace that can be found in His Sacred Heart: 

Come be with Me (x3)

The flames of my heart are burning with love for you.

All you see are the imperfections, but I see your true beauty.

Come be with Me (x3)

 I call you to love. I call you to serve. Most importantly,

I want the sweetness of your breath in My presence.

Come be with Me (x3)

 Yes, you are free. Your love now belongs to Me.

The invitation of My Sacred Heart is waiting here to give you freedom.

Come be with Me (x3)

 My sisters, You are beautiful and you are loved. The Lord desires true freedom for all of our hearts. I feel that so often we look at ourselves as not enough. We tell ourselves that we have to be a certain way in order to be worth receiving love. This is a lie. It is a lie from the enemy that we must NOT listen to. We must break free. God is the only source of our fulfilling love. We cannot turn to idols to fill the voids of our hearts. I urge you to receive the Sacraments of Holy Communion and Reconciliation as often as possible. It is in these Sacraments that the Lord’s Sacred Heart can be revealed to us again and again as He draws us closer into His loving presence. We must be in a posture, ready to receive love from the Sacred Heart of Jesus. His heart burns with love for us. He wants us in His presence. And, He wants to bring us to complete freedom.  

In Him,


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