My mind is the loudest part of me!

Have you ever tried concentrating on God and ended up thinking about everything thing else but Him? When things such as the thoughts of yesterday, today, or tomorrow pop up in your head?  Perhaps it’s scenes from different movies or lyrics from songs that keep playing over and over.  Or, you play out different scenarious of experiences you have had in your life.  This happens to me all of the time! My mind ends up racing from one thing to the next, and most of the time, I forget that the reason I am quieting myself is so that I can have time with God. 

Most days, I wish I could put any useless thoughts in a jar and take them out of my head.  Today would be a great day to invent a mechanism that could help us with this! I’ve already seen The Dark Knight at least a dozen times and I don’t need to be thinking of the joker when I’m focusing on God.  Luckily, thoughts like this don’t last long because they can’t capture my mind and heart like God does. 

God speaks to me through the homilies of different priests. There is one quote, in particular, that has rung in my head ever since. ” So what if you get distracted during Mass or if you fall asleep during Adoration, that’s the way God made you.”  This statement from Fr. John Welch helped me so as not to get discouraged when I found myself struggling in this area. 

The greatest thing is that God is always there waiting for my mind to settle down and focus on Him;  although, there are times when I need some help.  I imagine Jesus spartan kicking the distractions out of my mind or grabbing the scenes like a piece of paper and crumbling them up.  Once my attention is solely on Him, He holds my head, looks me directly in the eye and says, “Focus on me!” in a stern but loving way.  God isn’t calling for more of us, He is calling for all of us.  Through every thought know that God is always there, waving His arms in the air, trying to get our attention.

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