Brace yourself!

Just before the formation month concluded, twenty of the missionaries were sent in two 15-passenger vans to the Woodlands, TX for a Life Teen Basic Training Conference. This was a great experience and opportunity for us to pour out our love and truly be the face of Christ to new youth ministers, core members and priests. It was all about radical hospitality and relational ministry.

One of the more blessed times during the Conference was being able to stay at host homes, provided by the parishioners of the St. Anthony of Padua faith community. Not only did these families open up their homes, but they also invited us into their lives as they shared their hearts. The missionaries and Life Teen staff had very long days and would sometimes get home as late as 10:30 p.m.  Despite this, our host family excitedly waited up for us as they greeted us with a smile, little snacks, and the desires to chit-chat about how the Lord was moving in our lives. 

Even though I sometimes found myself physically exhausted, I awoke each day giving my all to glorify God. By doing small acts of kindness and spreading the love of Christ, I became more energized during each moment. I learned to never underestimate the Divine Power of God in any situation.

Whenever you are faced with a tough day, ask yourself, what would Jesus do? Brace yourself, and don’t be afraid to ask the Big Man for a little help. Just remember, He’s only a prayer away.

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” -Mother Teresa

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