A Growing Heart

I feel like the grinch. In that epic scene where he realizes how to love and his heart grows three times it’s size. The cartoon makes it look so dramatic too, his heart just seems to keep expanding until you think it can’t hold anymore love, and then it grows again, expands even more.

Okay, so I’m not the grinch. I’m happy and joyful, but my heart is expanding much like this scene from the grinch.  Growing, expanding, ready to love even more, soon my heart may not be able to fit in my chest. I thought I loved with all my heart. I thought I loved Jesus with every fiber of my being. You know “My heart belongs to Jesus” sort of thing, but everyday God seems to do something to make that love grow, and if my expanding love for Jesus isn’t enough God has expanded my love in other ways too.

My love for other people is certainly growing. My love for the Atlanta community has grown so much this year that I now call it home.  Also, I have been offering up sacrifices for the people of Boston. I visited there this summer and God helped me to fall in love with these people too. I have also been offering up sacrifices for a whole country too, Ghana.

Although I have never been there, Life Teen has taken people on a few mission trips, so I have heard a ton of stories of the people there. Even though I have never been, my heart has been so moved for the people there. My heart actually hurts sometimes, and I have never even met anyone from Ghana, or knew much about the people there, except they don’t have a lot of clean water. I had been offering up my sacrifices for Ghana for a little over a month when I met Thomas. He was born and raised in north Ghana. Now he works for CRS (Catholic Relief Services) helping with the well building projects. He travels to the states twice a year to talk about his people and his life in Ghana.

When I met Thomas my eyes filled with tears, which honestly I didn’t understand. Before I knew it I was crying, unable to stop. I did not know the reason for all these tears.  I ran to my mission sister for comfort and told her that I knew I was stupid for crying for no reason.  She shook her head and said something I never thought of, “Carrie, of course you’re crying, your heart is attached to these people, look at all the things you are doing for them.” She was right, my heart has expanded once again and is in love with the people of a country where I have never been, all because of God and the mountains he has moved in my heart. My heart belongs to Jesus, and there is a special place in my heart for the people of Ghana.  Thank you Jesus for growing my heart.

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