God wants to make our dreams come true.

We were all in the chapel one day praying our normal evening prayer, and the word dream really stood out for me. Dream, what are dreams about? I sat there just thinking of all my dreams that I’ve wanted to come true. I thought about all the cars, houses, planes, and adventures that I’ve always dreamed about. I was dreaming of my perfect life. I just sat there, and said man this is never going to happen; I’m a missionary. Then I just thought: all these dreams are what my flesh, and what my earthly body desires. What are my dreams for my soul? What are my dreams that are not of this world? I longed for a closer relationship with our God, to be around people who would guide me to our Father when I was down, to be in a community that was striving for holiness. Finally, to be around people that needed to be brought to the light. I just sat here in amazement, and thought Our Father; Our God has made all my dreams come true. Everything my soul has been crying out to, everything my soul needed has been received. For he tells us if you ask you shall receive. My soul has been asking and our Father answered. How blessed am I that God has made all my dreams come true.  God wants to make all our dreams come true; our true dream of being happy, of salvation, of finding his love for us. How can a house, a car, any material things bring us the joy that our father wants to give us? Those things may bring you joy for a little bit, but it won’t last. It’s just like when you got that toy you always wanted, the first ipod that ever came out, that new dress that everyone has. When you first get its brings so much artificial happiness. After a while something new comes out. Something, better then what you have, and the happiness leaves. Our father knows that! He knows that our earthly wants won’t truly bring us joy. He wants to show you true joy, true love. He wants to make your dreams come true. I challenge you to think about what your dreams are. Not your earthly dreams, but the dreams that your soul is crying out to.

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